Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant

Opening and shifting Notice

Dear All,

Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant

Will be open in Marina Barrage in January 2015

Our Hotline Will be open and taking reservation from 26 December 2014.

We would like to thanks everybody for your support over the past 10 years.

Our Bottle tree Seafood Restaurant will shift to Marina Barrage and will be opened in January 2015. we will continue to served great foods at Marina Barrage (8 Marina Garden Drive #01-06) opeing Soon Hotline will be open for reservation on 26th dec 2014.

Do leave your email to for joining our mailing list for our new shop opening and promotion. Customer who are interested in booking a wedding function are all welcome to inquiry.

for now, customer can still get to get our great foods from:

Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (Halal restaurant and catering)
8 marina Garden Drive (marina Barrage)
Swis Ling Restaurant Pte Ltd (Bak Kut Teh with Seafood Restaurant)
Tel: 62246110
Add: No. 1 Teo Hong Road (opp Pearl Center, Behind Dorsset Hotel)
Thank you
SH Neo
Operation Manager

Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (Halal) Marina Barrage

Want to go back in time and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility? Embark on the journey to Sembawang Eating House (Halal Restaurant). A rare and breezy experience in indeed!

In Marina Barrage, you will find a Halal Seafood Restaurant by the name of Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (SEH).  SEH serves a variety of local delicacies that comprise a mixture of taste, based on different cultures.

With the creativity that our chefs bring into each dish, you will definitely find something that you will always be coming back for. SEH extends their warm welcome to the Muslim Community and we look forward to serving you soon.

Dear Customer Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (halal) have moved their operation to Marina Barrage, Parking is free!!

Contact number: 64239861


Bottle Tree (Brachychiton Rupestris)

- Native of Queensland
- Renowned for its unique shape
- Distinctive due to its “ Bottle Like” Swollen Trunk
- Grows to a height of about 12 metres.
- The leaves are narrow, elliptical and deeply divided.

The Bottle Tree withstands temperature from –10 to 50 Degree Celsius.
Bottle Trees Grow well in well –drained, slightly acidic soil, under good sunshine.

Bottle Tree Growing Stage
Bottle Tree grow very slowly in the initial stages.
For the first 2 years, They grow 1 metre in height with slender truck.
They grow a 1 metre in diameter trunk within 40 to 50 years and 2 metres in diameter trunk within 80 to 100 years.


Family Day

Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant is the ideal place for a Theme Hawker Family Day with our wide range of good Food to be served!

Wedding Package

Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant provides the ideal setting for a wedding celebration - the great indoor Air con Area, and By the Sea view!!. This package will bring back fond memories for the most important event in your lifetime as you exchange your vows amidst the tranquility of the surroundings. The magnificent view of Marina Barrage will leave you good memories for a lifetime.

Solemnization of Eternity Package 1 (usage of VIP Suite) Enclose Suite (for 20 person) (additional $9 per person)

  • 1 Solemnization Fresh Flower centre piece
  • Solemnization table with skirting
  • 5 VIP Chairs with seat cover
  • 20 Cushion Chairs With Seat Cover
  • PA system with 2 microphones
  • CD player (CD not provided)
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Welcome Finger Food (4 kind)
  • 3 Cocktail table will be provided
  • Usage of Vip Suite for 2 Hour (from Solemnization start timing)
  • Decor Charge Separately
  • Total: $399++

Solemnization of Eternity Package 2 (lunch/ Dinner) (usage of VIP + Art Gallery Suite) Enclose Suite (for 40 person)

  • 1 Solemnization Fresh Flower centre piece
  • Solemnization table with skirting
  • 5 VIP Chairs with seat cover
  • 40 Cushion Chairs With Seat Cover
  • 4 Dining Table
  • PA system with 2 microphones
  • CD player (CD not provided)
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Buffet (11 item + Drinks)
  • Usage of Vip Suite + Art Gallery Suite for 3 Hour (from Solemnization start timing)
  • Decor Charge Separately
  • Total: $999++
Wedding Dinner Package Coming Soon

Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday with us!

We offer several venues that are suitable for your special occasion no matter rain or shine, day or night and a wide range of food from buffet to BBQ that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Please contact us now to book a suitable venue. Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you at our fun-filled park and we will make sure you remember this Birthday for a long, long time!

Good Food

Singaporeans love good food. In fact, hungry or not, you will always be spoilt for choice at the venues and restaurants available at Bottle Tree.

Here at Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant, we recognise that good food can be achieved only if the ingredients are fresh. That makes up a large proportion of the receipe! Thus, instead of relying on others for the supply, Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant set up their own kelong in Indonesia and import their own “live” seafood to Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant on every Saturday Early Morning.

Come on down here and try our signature dish and you can be guaranteed the freshness! Bottle Tree Park simply goes to great lengths to ensure that you have nothing but the best!

Armed with a wide variety of choices, you can be assured that the menu is suitable for children and families as well as corporate groups.

We have obtained rave reviews from the Flying Dutchman from Class 95.0 and as well as the DJs from Gold 90.5. And our guarantee? Freshness of seafood and that you will walk away knowing you had been spoilt by us!

Read on here on Bottle Tree Park’s review from Oh Taste Magazine (Nov 2008) issue.

The Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant Story

Despite the fact that Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant no longer operate in Bottle Tree Village or Bottle Tree Park since 2004, You yes you can still get our very good food at our new location: Marina Barrage. Just goggle and you will find your way to us.

Our Restaurant Owners; Madam Seah and Mr KH Neo (husband and wife), Owner for Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant, Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (Halal and Catering) and Swis Ling Restaurant Pte Ltd (bak Kut Teh, Seafood Restaurant) have once again did it by providing quality Good food at more places now.

Though one started off and a renovation contractor and the other as a seamstress, all these changes in 1993 when their passion on food have change their career, Due to budget constraint, they started their 1st restaurant in Malaysia for 3 years, along the way with preservation and passion, they have created many many authentic sauce, like sambal, butter cream sauce with prawns, curry leaf sauce with crayfish, and of course the very very famous sour and Spicy Chilli Crab Sauce (where many fresh fruit and used to get the sour taste!!) and others more.

Finally in 1997, with business picking up, and having to travel to and fro to Malaysia everyday, they started their planning in shifting their operation to Singapore and finally in end 1997 and start of 1998, Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant began their 1st chapter, all the way to now, where Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant and Swis ling restaurant is born, having different food for different brands, they have gotten themselves a Big pool of very loyal customers some over 20 year and many recognition from Award to reviews.

Some of the Rewards: Top 10 Restaurant from catz Food Festival 2010 and 2011, circles of excellent for top 100 food, and many more.

Our owner really want to thank you all for supporting us for so many year and would hope that this support will be for many many year more!

And The 2nd Generation Mr Sh Neo another food lover is now supporting the business and hence creating more sauce and product line finally ensuring the original sauce is well cooked!

Thank you for reading our Story! and show your support.