Good Food

Singaporeans love good food. In fact, hungry or not, you will always be spoilt for choice at the venues and restaurants available at Bottle Tree.

Here at Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant, we recognise that good food can be achieved only if the ingredients are fresh. That makes up a large proportion of the receipe! Thus, instead of relying on others for the supply, Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant set up their own kelong in Indonesia and import their own “live” seafood to Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant on every Saturday Early Morning.

Come on down here and try our signature dish and you can be guaranteed the freshness! Bottle Tree Park simply goes to great lengths to ensure that you have nothing but the best!

Armed with a wide variety of choices, you can be assured that the menu is suitable for children and families as well as corporate groups.

We have obtained rave reviews from the Flying Dutchman from Class 95.0 and as well as the DJs from Gold 90.5. And our guarantee? Freshness of seafood and that you will walk away knowing you had been spoilt by us!

Read on here on Bottle Tree Park’s review from Oh Taste Magazine (Nov 2008) issue.